Clothing Company Creates First 'Disease-Proof' Jacket

A clothing company has claimed to make the first 'disease-proof' jacket:

A hi-tech clothing firm claims to have created the world's first 'disease-proof' jacket.

The super garment, dubbed the Full Metal Jacket, is designed kill bugs and viruses like the one that causes Covid-19, because it is made from 11km of copper.

Copper fabric and the protections it offers don't come cheap however – the jacket will set you back £895.

The seemingly magical properties comes from the fact copper is a "biostatic" a metal which is able to kill bacteria and any viruses that come into contact with it, the makers claim.

Vollebak adds copper yarn or thread makes up 65% of the material used in the "disease-proof" jacket.

Its co-founder Steve Tidball said: "As we enter a new era of disease, the Earth heats up, and fires and floods sweep across countries, we're radically underprepared as a species for the speed at which change is taking place.

Interesting. Would you get this?

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