Pay-What-You-Can Pop-Up Cafe Hits Illinois

A healthy pop-up pay-what-you-can cafe hit Illinois and now the founder is looking for a more permanent location after it's success:

A pop-up restaurant was open for just a few hours on Monday, but for NEST Café founder Laura Mahn, the pay-what-you-can concept was a dream she has nurtured for 10 years.

"NEST Café is a pay what you can restaurant." the pastor turned non-profit restaurateur said. "It has been a dream of mine for a long time."

Little did she know that others shared her dream. Mahn soon found a network to support her dreams: NEST is a member of the One World Everybody Eats Network, which is made up of restaurants that let people pay what they can for a meal or work in the restaurant to cover it.

NEST stands for Nourish Everyone Sustainably Together.

"The goal is to get good food, real food, to everyone regardless of if they can pay for it or not."

I love this idea so much! You can follow the cafe on Facebook.

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