Video of Extremely Sunburnt Man Goes Viral

Viral drone footage caught video of what might be the most sunburnt man ever:

A Florida swimmer is being compared to Hellboy after social-media footage surfaced of him bearing a horrific sunburn reminiscent of the famous scarlet superhero. The clip has since caught fire on Twitter, racking up nearly 7 million views.

The unnamed beachgoer appeared in a Twitter video posted by ABC News July 9 that depicted a swarm of stingrays swimming past oblivious bathers in Florida.

The merciless online hordes were quick to torch the sunburned soul.

“Looked like Hellboy to me,” quipped one in reference to the crimson character with devil horns from Dark Horse Comics, which later spawned a successful film franchise starring Ron Perlman.

OMG. The man is bright red! Watch the video!

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