UPDATE: Another Alligator Spotted in Chicago Lake

Officials are working to capture an alligator that was spotted in a lake in Lynwood:

Lynwood police and firefighters are attempting to catch a small alligator that was spotted in a small lake surrounded by homes.

The Lynwood Fire Department said on Wednesday afternoon the Lynwood Police and Lynwood Fire departments were called for a sighting of an alligator in Lake Lynwood.

The Lynwood Fire Department posted a picture on Facebook of the roughly 3-foot-long alligator, which is a little smaller than “Chance the Snapper”, the alligator captured in the Humboldt Park Lagoon last year.The department said the alligator is "not an immediate hazard to animals or humans."

On Tuesday, some children originally spotted the alligator, and then several other residents also saw it and called officials.

What should we call this one?

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