American Idol Auditions Held in Illinois and Indiana Virtually on Friday

American Idol auditions are taking place in Illinois and Indiana on Friday via Zoom:

Season 19 of American Idol is shaping up, and for the first time since its inception you can try out from the comfort of your home, virtually.

Forget that mic; step up to your personal device and sing. The "Idol Across America" virtual auditions tour is making a stop by Zoom Friday in Illinois.

"We are hosting for the first time ever online face-to-face auditions," American Idol producer Melissa Elfar said. "It's kind of really, really cool. It's the first time 'Idol' is reaching all 50 states."

Online auditions for Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota take place Friday.

Those interested should go to, pick their state date, pick a time that's convenient and register.

Good luck if you're auditioning!

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