CPS Back in Session Remotely Tuesday...See All the Changes

Chicago Public Schools go back Tuesday utilizing online learning because of the pandemic:

Chicago Public Schools on Tuesday released its "final reopening framework," offering specifics on a remote learning plan the district announced earlier this month.

The final framework details expectations for remote learning, instruction time by grade, emotional and social supports for students, plans to assist "English and diverse learners" and a plan to distribute devices for students who need them.

According to the framework, instruction time will vary by grade:

Pre-K: 60 minutes of real-time instruction and 90 minutes of "learning activities."

K-2: 180 minutes of real-time instructions, 180 minutes of "learning activities."

3-5: 205 minutes of real-time instruction, 155 minutes of "learning activities."

6-8: 230 minutes of real-time instruction, 130 minutes of "learning activities."

9-12: 80 percent of the day will be for real-time instructions, 20 percent of the day will be for "learning activities."

Teachers will use google education tools to track engagement for each students and will be expected to do a daily "homeroom-style check-in," the district said.

Student attendance will be taken each day and grading will return to regular practices, according to CPS.

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