You Can Now Get Pumpkin Spice...Mac and Cheese?!

2020 is weird but now you can get pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese?!

Kraft Heinz is kicking things up a notch in this year's race to infuse pumpkin spice into everyday foods that might be best left alone. 

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get more bizarre, the food and beverage company has unveiled pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese in a Starbucks-style cup.

The dish is made using the brand's classic cheese powder and noodles but topped with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. Only 1,000 people will get a chance to try it, and it'll only be available in Canada.

"Ever wondered what (Kraft Dinner) with Pumpkin Spice would taste like?" the brand asks on its website. "Probably not, but we made it anyway." 

n a press release, Kraft Heinz said its latest release "ain't no basic batch" and the box will come with a fork, a white, coffee-style cup reminiscent of pumpkin-spice lattes from Starbucks, and it'll have the recipient's name written on it "spelled wrong of course," the company says. 

Deliveries will be made in October. 

I feel like this could actually be kinda good. Would you try it? Read more HERE.

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