Demi Lovato Releases New Song Amid Breakup With Max Ehrich

Demi Lovato released a song amid her breakup with fiancé Max Ehrich:

Demi Lovato was clearly frustrated that her ex-fiance was going ham about their breakup, because she blindsided her team by dropping her new breakup song on Twitter, sending them into a frenzy to get it on platforms so her fans can buy the tune ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

We're told Demi wrote her new single, "Still Have Me," a while ago with friends. Our sources say she kept the hook but changed the lyrics to reflect her split with Max Ehrich.

Sources connected to Demi tell us she became so frustrated with Max's recent antics -- the most recent, somehow comparing Demi and the breakup to Jeffrey Epstein-- that she didn't want to wait to release the song. We're told, her team is scrambling to get the single on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify so that fans can purchase it and streaming numbers can be collected.

The song is now available on all platforms. You probably heard these two have had a messy breakup and seems this is Demi's way to process it.

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