Wellness Wednesday: Shelly Chats With Jon Yeager of PourTaste

This week for Wellness Wednesday, I spoke to Jon Yeager of PourTaste. He offered an amazing recipe for a delicious drink that's good for you! No really, this drink has health benefits! It's all about the Blanche Armagnac. See the recipe below and watch my interview with Jon to see what he had to say about it!
Blanche Armagnac (a few different producers make this, for this recipe it's Arton)
Dry Sack sherry
Chamomile simple syrup**
Fee bros Old Fashioned bitters
1 Lemon
Chamomile simple syrup recipe:
Bring 1 cup water to boil, add one cup sugar and stir until dissolved. Turn off heat and add 8 bags chamomile tea and let rest for at least an hour (anything longer will be better).
Discard tea bags before use.
Cocktail recipe
2oz Blanche Armagnac
1oz sherry
1/2oz chamomile simple syrup
1 liberal dash of bitters
Pour all ingredients over ice in mixing glass and stir for roughly 30 seconds. Strain neat into champagne coup or martini glass and garnish with expressed lemon zest.