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Chicago has the largest life expectancy gap in the U.S.

An individual that lives in the Streeterville neighborhood lives to be 90, while an individual living in the Englewood neighborhood is expected to live to 60 years old.

The #BlockFit mission is to enrich the health of the communities we serve. Exposure is key. Communities need to see what good health is to aspire for it. It's not regular to see fast food joints, liquor store, and has stations but hardly any gyms and healthy places to eat and shop for food. We must ask what's something simple we can do to make a positive impact on our health.

By providing health and wellness resources and educating the community, we will empower Chicagoans to take control of their health and build thriving communities.

Join My Block My Hood My City every Saturday at 9am on Instagram Live.

Upcoming schedule:

2/6 Yoga with Woke Chicago

2/13 Cooking with Nathaniel

2/20 Mental Health Segment

2/27 Workout with Jahmal

3/6 Workout with a Red Star

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