Sterling Heights Bakery Crafts An Internet Sensation

A small bakery in the Sterling Heights area has just gone viral with their latest creation—a fusion of cheesecake, ice cream and cereal.

The appropriately named "Superman Ice Cream Cheesecake" can be purchased at Cynthia’s Edible Arts, for a limited time!

Bakery owner and cheesecake genius, Cynthia Yousif, turned her love for baking into a satisfying career saying, "I love baking and creating new things, but I never thought my work would get to this point." She goes on to talk about how these feats of delectable goodness are not an easy task, "Not a lot of people can make ice cream cheesecakes," she. says. "I manually layer them, let them freeze and do it again. It’s like a layered task. You can’t sit and make them all at once. It’s like a six hour process. They have to be completely frozen before going to the next step."

Michiganders will be happy to know that she is currently shipping her ambrosian goods within the state, so act now if you want to support a local business.

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