Lost Dog Found 100 Miles Away From Home In Omaha

Ivy, an adorable pit bull and black lab mix, was found 100 miles away from her home after being lost for about three weeks.

It was reported that Ivy got out of her owner's backyard in Sioux City, Iowa on February 12th, along with another dog. Posts on local Facebook groups went viral and thanks to the power of social media someone was able to rescue Ivy and return her to her owner.

While this story has a happy ending, this should be a lesson for dog owners and people who want to rescue lost dogs. Cathy Eaton, found of Lost Pets of Omaha said, "Every day that a dog is out, it gets more scared. Each time another person calls out to it, it freaks her out a little bit more...When a dog is lost, everything is strange to it."

As of March 6th, Ivy has been rescued, treated and returned to her owner. Unfortunately Calypso, the other dog who escaped, has yet to be found. But thanks to the power of social media Ivy is back safe and sound.

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