"I'm Back"

On this day in 1995, one of the greatest comebacks was ever made.

After a 17-month retirement and brief stint in Minor League Baseball with the Birmingham Barons, Michael Jordan released a two-word statement: "I'm back."

A fax machine statement released from Michael Jordan, through his agent, David Faulk at Falk Associates Management Enterprises (FAME)

His return to the NBA came just eight days after ending his new baseball career. He spent the previous season playing Double-A baseball for the Birmingham Barons in the Chicago White Sox organization.

Multiple sports new outlets received a fax from Jordan and his representation.

The two words heard around the world were released 26 years ago today. ESPN's SportsCenter were the first to report this news.

Jordan would suit up the next day as the Chicago Bulls played the Indiana Pacers at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.

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