Jason Aldean Surprises Oldest Daughter For Spring Break

We know Jason Aldean has a history of surprising his loved ones and this year is no different.

COVID-19 took away a lot of things over the last year, especially from high schoolers. But this didn't stop the country star from being father of the year to his oldest daughter, Keeley. Last year, Keeley was unable to attend prom due to the global pandemic so Jason Aldean stepped up to the challenge. He went the extra mile and surprised his daughter with an at-home quarantine prom.

This year, Keeley and some of her friends took a trip to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and guess who showed up? That's right, Jason and Brittany Aldean were right there with them.

In an Instagram story posted yesterday, Brittany took a video of her husband, her daughter, and her daughter's friends at dinner with the caption "We are spring break chaperones and we love it!"

This didn't stop the couple from having some fun on their own! The Aldeans have been using this opportunity for their own personal vacation.

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