Demi Lovato's Columbus Concert Brought Back Childhood Memories

The first episode of "Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil", a YouTube Originals Docuseries, was released today for the world to watch. This series is a revealing and intimate look at Demi Lovato's life including her struggles with her own mental health, sexual assault, relapse and overcoming drug addiction. Lovato explains:

"I have full faith that you're not going to open up TMZ and see another overdose headline, but I also say this with humility, that this is a very powerful disease and I'm not going to pretend like I'm invincible. I have to work every day to make sure that I'm in a good place so I don't go to those things."

Months before her drug relapse during the summer of 2018, Demi performed a concert in Columbus on March 14th, 2018. During the concert, a photo of Lovato and her father appear onscreen towards the end of one her songs. This photo made her take a pause and brought back childhood memories. "When I turned around and saw my dad in one of those pictures, something about that just wasn't the same," she explained in the clip after. We learn from the episode that Demi Lovato's father passed away when she was very young. He also struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, and abused the Demi Lovato's mother.

The episode cuts back to Demi Lovato's Columbus concert where she talks about the importance of mental health and removing the stigma around. Followed by a clip of her interview where she said:

"I also felt a lot of guilt over the years because I've been such an advocate of mental health. Yet here was my father...and I hadn't helped him the way I would've helped other people or the way I had been preaching about.

Watch the first episode of "losing control : Dancing with the Devil" below:

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