Gov. Tony Evers: "We’re going to get folks support as quickly as we can"

This morning, Governor Tony Evers held a press conference at Miss Molly's Café & Pastry Shop on West Center Street in Milwaukee laying out his plans for COVID relief in the state of Wisconsin. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, "he plans to spend $600 million on supporting small businesses, $500 million on continued pandemic response, $200 million on infrastructure and $50 million on aid for the Wisconsin tourism industry." This is coming out of the nearly $3 billion of federal aid given to the state. "At the end of the day, we’re still battling a pandemic and all the uncertainty that comes with that — workers and business owners are still filled with worry, families are still struggling to make ends meet."

The governor also used this air time as a way to publicly veto the Wisconsin GOP's bill that would give almost total control of how the Evers administration would divvy the funds. "We can't afford for the Legislature to play politics with our funds under the American Rescue Plan—we're going to get folks support as quickly as we can."