Georgia To Vote On Daylight Savings Time

Today, Georgia's state government has decided to take on step closer to ending the cycle of "springing forward" and "falling back" each year. In a 111 to 48 vote, the House of Representatives has approved Senate bill 100 which will go back to the Senate for a final vote before landing on the governor's desk for approval.

While having bipartisan support, the bill keeps going back and forth between the House and Senate due to the language of the bill—specifically "standard time" vs. "daylight savings time". Daylight savings time, also known as spring or summer time, is the time move forward 1 hour from standard time.

The idea of eliminating daylight savings time is not a new one, as more states are starting to discuss the effectiveness of changing the clock as well as the yearly disruption this causes to Americans. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, "...studies show an increase in heart attacks and judges imposing harsher criminal sentences just after time changes." The only states that do not observe this time change are Arizona and Hawaii.