Atlanta Rappers Post Bail To Reunite Inmates With Their Families

Two of the biggest names in hip-hop are helping inmates reunite with their families.

Young Thug and Gunna of YSL Records posted bail over the weekend for 30 people with low-level offenses. These men and women were imprisoned for minor charges but did not have the necessary funds to be released.

Young Thug told local Atlanta news "This is where we are from. We just woke up and went to the jail with the lawyer and DA’s and the prosecutors, the bonding companies, and just got as many people as we can out."

Gunna continued "You never know what somebody been through. There was people sitting out three or four years and couldn’t get out on a bond. If they did the crime, then they can do the time, then it’s all right. But it’s like you’re giving them a bond higher than what they stole."

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