Madison Zoo to Start Vaccinating At-Risk Animals for COVID-19

In an effort to protect animals from the coronavirus, Henry Vilas Zoo is trying to bring a special vaccine to the premises.

Luckily none of their high-risk residents including big cats and primates have not been infected with the virus. However, prevention is key for their survival. The Zoo is planning to experiment with a new drug from Zoetis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies for animals.

Mary Thurber, a zoo veterinarian, told local Madison news that "Being able to prevent an infection would be obviously better than having to treat one." She continues by saying that not all animals, including household pets, will need vaccinations. "We’re really lucky, it seems like our pets are not super susceptible, so vaccination for them is something we don’t have to worry about just yet."

Henry Vilas Zoo must comply with federal standards. Meanwhile, Zoetis is waiting for approval from the USDA as well as the state veterinarian.

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