Over 300 Gunshots Heard At Milwaukee's 'Club Midtown'; Two Injured

Milwaukee police officers are currently investigating a scene in a midtown neighborhood where hundreds of shots were fired over the weekend.

Swarms of people frequently gather in the parking lot of Midtown Center to dance, play music, and socialize with others—nicknamed "Club Midtown" because of these nightly activities. However, things took a turn for the worse as hundreds of gunshots rang out on a Sunday night.

Acting Chief Norman told a local news source that, "I have had my fair share of investigations, large investigations, as a former homicide detective, former homicide supervisor, a former district commander. I have never seen something like this before in this context." He continued to talk about his growing concern over the recent increase in violence in the city, "We’re not even to memorial day weekend which is usually is sometimes unfortunately for us the start of unfortunate incidents."

Two men, 21 years old and 23 years old respectively, are currently in recovery at the hospital.

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