It's Official: Georgia Has Legalized To-Go Cocktails

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With the recent General Assembly in March came a sweeping number of new legislation for the state of Georgia. Since then, Governor Brian Kemp is starting to sign these bills into law including SB 236 which legalizes alcoholic beverages to go. The official title for SB 236 being "Alcoholic Beverages; foodservice establishments to sell mixed drinks for off-premises consumption in approved containers under certain conditions; allow."

As of Thursday, May 6th, restaurants and bars are allowed to sell up to two alcoholic beverages per takeout meal in concealed containers. However, the drinks must be sold to and picked up by the person who ordered; essentially banning delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats from picking up to-go drinks for other people. Patrons who are in vehicles must place their drinks either in the glove compartment, trunk or in the last seat in the back of a vehicle without a trunk.

“As the restaurant industry has had to quickly pivot to stay in business and meet consumer demand, takeout and curbside pickup have become wonderful options for our guests to support their favorite restaurant and dine at home,” Georgia Restaurant Association president Karen Bremer says.

Read more about SB 236 here.

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