Wisconsin Lawmakers Voting To Make National Anthem A Requirement

In February, a Republican senator introduced a bill that would require the national anthem to be played before all sporting activities held at Wisconsin venues that receive some public funding, from professional games to amateur.

Senator Patrick Testin brought this proposal to the Senate floor after the Dallas Mavericks refused to play "The Star-Spangled Banner" earlier in the NBA season. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks, eventually agreed to play the national anthem since the NBA requires it as a part of their policy.

According to Fox 11 News:

“Hearing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner' at a sporting event reminds us that despite our differences, we have something in common — we are Americans,” Testin said in a statement announcing his bill. “This tradition traces its roots back more than a century – even pre-dating the song’s adoption as the national anthem. It’s a practice that unites us, and I believe it’s worth preserving.”

The bill has bipartisan support and is being voted on today in the chamber.

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