This Chicago Restaurant Offers The Best 'Cheap Eats' In Illinois

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Anywhere you go, you’ll find local restaurants that won’t break the bank.

Eat This, Not That! knows that travelers, for example, will appreciate inexpensive and quick stops for food — but they might want to shake things up from staple fast-food chains. That's why the ultimate food content hub mapped out the unique ones that are the cheapest eats in the state:

“If you're tired of the same old boring hamburger and are sick of feeling sick from bags of chips, consider trying a local restaurant where you can get an entire meal or massive dessert for under $10. These cheap eats are budget-friendly, allow you to take a break, and oftentimes try a regional dish that you can't find anywhere else.”

So, which restaurant serves the best “cheap eats” in Illinois? Eat This, Not That! credits BIG and Little’s Restaurant, in Chicago. Here’s why it stood out to Eat This, Not That!:

“Chicago has an abundance of fine dining, but if you don't want a Chicago-style hot dog from a street vendor for a cheap meal head to BIG and Littles Restaurant. The establishment has tacos, burgers, and sandwiches all under $10. Our favorite is the Japanese beef short rib tacos for $4 each.”

See the rest of the list here.

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