Chicago Woman Dedicates 'Wheel Of Fortune' Appearance To Aunt & Uncle


Chicagoans might recognize a familiar face if they tune in to Wheel of Fortune tonight.

Nita Dailey, of Chicago, is taking a spin at the Wheel in an episode that airs on Tuesday evening (October 12). The educational college recruiter and published writer has since relocated from the Windy City to Las Vegas, Nevada. Dailey enjoys hiking Red Rock and fishing, “though she feels too guilty to ver eat a fish she has caught,” Wheel of Fortune says in its introduction of Dailey. The Chicago native is a longtime Wheel watcher who submitted a video at to snag her spot on the beloved show. She’s explained why she's dedicating her appearance on the show to her aunt and uncle:

“My favorite aunt was a nightly Wheel fanatic and my favorite uncle, her hubby, attended high school with (host) Pat Sajak at Farragut in Chicago!” Dailey said in a statement. “I am beyond humbled and elated to be a participant!”

If she wins money on Wheel of Fortune, Dailey plans to purchase a new car and use any leftover winnings to donate to animal rescue organizations.

Watch Dailey spin the wheel on WLS (ABC7) at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

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