Here Are 10 Of The Most Famous Actors From Illinois

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Tons of celebrities have called Chicago “home” at some point or another, but that doesn’t mean they’re all native Illinoisans.

In fact, dozens of high-profile actors are from Illinois, and Stacker shared a list of 50 of the biggest stars on Sunday (October 10). Here’s how the data journalism hub tracked down the celebs on the list, which includes some iconic names:

Stacker compiled a list of actors that were born in Illinois from IMDb’s most popular list. For each actor, we included a movie poster image from a film he is known for (all movie poster images from OMDb).”

Here are 10 of the most famous actors from Illinois:

  • Harrison Ford, born in Chicago and known for playing Indiana Jones in the “Indiana Jones” films, among other roles.
  • Robin Williams, born in Chicago and known for playing Daniel Hilliard in “Mrs. Doubtfire, among other roles.
  • Jake Johnson, born in Evanston and known for playing Nick Miller in “New Girl,” among other roles.
  • Fred Savage, born in Chicago and known for playing the Grandson in “The Princess Bride,” among other roles.
  • Nick Offerman, born in Joliet and known for playing Ron Swanson in “Parks and Recreation, among other roles.
  • Bill Murray, born in Wilmette and known for playing Bob Harris in “Lost in Translation,” among other roles.
  • Billy Zane, born in Chicago and known for playing Cal Hockley in “Titanic,” among other roles.
  • Chris Jackson, born in Cairo and known for playing George Washington in "Hamilton,” among other roles.
  • Thomas Lennon, born in Chicago and known for playing Ned Gold in "17 Again,” among other roles.
  • Neil Flynn, born in Waukegan and known for playing Cady’s Dad in “Mean Girls,” among other roles.

See the full star-studded list from Stacker here.

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