This Is The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Illinois

Children in Halloween costumes

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One of the best parts of Halloween is picking out the perfect costume — and if you’re still searching for one, you need to see this.

Rush Order Tees mapped out the most-searched Halloween costumes in every state, and the analysis includes horror movie icons, Disney characters, superheroes and more. In fact, Spider-Man was the most-searched Halloween costume in the U.S. this year, according to the study. Here’s how Rush Order Tees explained the process to pinpoint the best costume trends, in part:

“We combined search volume data with a survey of 1,092 Americans to learn more about how America will be celebrating on October 31. First, we identified the most popular costumes for each state by using search trends data via SEMRush. Next, we surveyed people about their willingness to participate in festivities and in what capacity they’ll be celebrating.”

Results show that nearly half of Americans said they were “extremely likely” to celebrate Halloween, and on average, those surveyed plan to spend an average of $79 on their Halloween costumes this year.

So, what’s the most popular Halloween costume in Illinois?

Spider-Man, the most popular costume in the whole country. People in other states are seeking costumes like Power Rangers, Cruella de Vil, Black Widow, the Mandalorian and more.

Still need more info to plan your perfect Halloween? See the full report from Rush Order Tees here.

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