Illinois Butcher Shop Has Huge Demand For Candy Corn Bratwurst

Photo: Getty Images

Whether candy corn is great or gross becomes a heated debate around Halloween. But an Illinois butcher put a new spin on it — and has a huge demand.

Daring eaters can order Halloween-themed bratwursts in Millstadt, Illinois. Schubert’s Smokehouse and Meat Packing Co. infuses the brats with candy corn, an idea that emerged after making a gummy bear-infused version a few years prior. “We probably make six to 700 pounds a year,” owner David Kossina told St. Louis, Missouri-based Fox 2 Now. Kossina told the station that the smokehouse sells out of 300 to 350 pounds of the candy corn-infused bratwurst.

In recent years, candy corn has been named the worst candy in America. It rated alongside other less-than-popular candies, including Circus Peanuts, Wax Coke Bottles, Necco Wafers and others (that’s compared to the best Halloween candies, which includes Snickers, Kit Kats, M&Ms and other classic treats). Still, different taste buds will have different opinions. Kossina told Fox 2 Now that those who dislike the traditional Halloween candy don’t typically like the candy corn-infused bratwurst; however, other customers will say “I love candy corn, and I love your brats.”

Learn more about Schubert’s Smokehouse and Meat Packing Co. here.

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