This Is The No. 1 Breakfast Food In Illinois

Breakfast Feast

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The vast number of options when it comes to breakfast food is an absolute game changer. Whether you’re going the savory route or opting to feed your sweet tooth, you probably have a favorite menu item.

Meal Finds hears you. The research hub of food and drink retailers surveyed nearly 3,500 people to pinpoint America’s favorite signature breakfasts. Meal Finds shared the “Battle of the Breakfasts” report, and broke findings down state by state. Breakfast selections ranged from steak and eggs to blueberry pancakes, and even included more seasonal selections, like pumpkin pancakes and cider donuts. Some breakfast foods show regional inspiration, including beignets in Louisiana and a fried catfish breakfast sandwich in Mississippi. Others, however, choose to rush out the door with just a cup of coffee.

So, what are Illinoisans hungry for in the morning? Scrambled eggs with bison hickory smoked sausage. Here’s what Meal Finds says about it:

“Bison for breakfast may sound unusual but this dish opens up an entire range of different flavors to experiment with. Sometimes served on a bed of roast yams and potatoes, the bison sausage is cooked ’til golden brown and eaten alongside scrambled eggs done just how you like them.”

Find more info from Meal Finds here.

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