These Are The 10 Highest-Rated Chinese Restaurants In Chicago

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Chinese restaurants are among some of the most popular in America, and Chicago is home to some great options.

But it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones from the vast number of restaurants available. That’s why Stacker, a data journalism hub, shared the highest-rated Chinese restaurants in Chicago, according to TripAdvisor ratings. Its report notes:

“Most Chinese food you find in the U.S. is really American-Chinese food, which is largely its own cuisine at this point because of how dishes have been adapted to suit tastes here. In fact, a lot of the most popular Chinese dishes were created in the U.S., including fortune cookies, General Tso’s chicken, and chop suey.”

So, which restaurants stand out in Chicago? These are the 10 most popular Chinese restaurants in the area, according to TripAdvisor ratings:

  1. Shanghai Terrace, located at 106 E Superior St
  2. MingHin Cuisine, located at 2168 S Archer Ave
  3. Duck Duck Goat, located at 857 E Fulton Market
  4. Big Bowl, located at 60 E Ohio St
  5. Ming Hin Cuisine, located at 333 E Benton Pl Suite 300
  6. Triple Crown Restaurant, located at 2217 S Wentworth Ave
  7. Moon Palace Restaurant, located at 216 W Cermak Rd
  8. Lao Sza Chuan, located at 520 N Michigan Ave
  9. Emperor’s Choice, located at 2238 S Wentworth Ave
  10. Sun Wah BBQ, located at 5039 N Broadway St

Find more highly-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor here.

See the full list from Stacker here.

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