Elvis Presley Bust Stolen From Illinois Bar Returned After Going Viral

Photo: Getty Images

An Illinois bar garnered widespread attention this week because of a stolen bust of the King of Rock and Roll.

The Elvis Presley bust is a longtime staple of Jimmy’s Bar in West Peoria. “Elvis has left the building,” the bar’s Facebook status read on Wednesday (October 27). “Please bring him back whoever took him. No questions asked.” Among the comments expressing disappointment about the theft, some commenters couldn't help but make jokes inspired by some of Presley's most well-known hits. One commenter said: “I’m all shook up! Bring it back!” Of course, some urged the at-large crook(s): “Don't Be Cruel.”

The Journal Star reported Thursday morning (October 28) that some patrons pooled together a $13 reward for anyone who could bring back the King. Although owner Jimmy Spears let out a laugh about it, he expressed to the Journal Star that he couldn’t condone stealing. He also explained that the Elvis bust was a gift from Spears’ niece, which she got for $20 at a garage sale in reference to another Elvis-themed gag gift from Spears years earlier.

On Friday morning (October 29), Jimmy's Bar announced that the stolen Elvis bust was returned, and “faith in humanity (is) restored.” Spears spoke with the Journal Star about the successful return, crediting the story of the missing bust going viral.

Naturally, others celebrated the news in true Elvis fashion: “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

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