This Is The No. 1 'Must-Drive' Roadway In Illinois For A Scenic Road Trip

Aerial Road Trip in Catskill Mountain New York

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Now that leaves are changing color, it’s the perfect time for a scenic road trip.

Gorgeous attractions span the U.S., so travelers won’t have to go far or make big plans in advance. Stacker, a data journalism hub, compiled the must-drive roads in every state. They did it using information from:

“…the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and state travel guides to locate must-drive roads in every U.S. state to help any would-be road tripper to narrow down their options. We researched roadways for the devilishly daring, the tranquil soul, the lonesome and lovesick, the wildlife lover, the fisherman and more, leaving no parkway unturned in order to bring joy to road warriors across the nation.”

So, which roadway is a “must-drive” in Illinois? The Ohio River Scenic Byway is the best. Here’s why it stands out, according to Stacker:

“The Ohio River Scenic Byway in Illinois travels along the Ohio River for 188 miles, passing through the Shawnee National Forest. For breathtaking views of the woodlands along this route, buckle up and hit the byway between spring and fall when the wildflowers are in full bloom.”

See the full list of must-drive roadways in the U.S. here.

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