Akbar V Of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Wants To ‘Chill’ In Chicago's O Block

Photo: Getty Images

One of the cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta wants to “chill out” in what’s considered one of the most dangerous blocks in Chicago.

Akbar V sent out a tweet on Monday evening (November 1) saying: “I want to go to Chicago and go to o block and chill out.” Naturally, Twitter users had some thoughts.

“O Block” has long been considered a “dangerous” block in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times published an in-depth report in 2014, explaining that it “isn’t in Englewood or on the West Side. It’s a stretch of South King Drive where a young Michelle Obama once lived.”

Akbar V, a rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, said she wanted to “chill out” there, and Twitter users responded: “Y’all Non Chicagoans Treat O Block Like It’s A Tourist Attraction,” one wrote. “Honey, O block is not the place you want to be. Don’t let these rappers trick you,” another cautioned. Others quoted Akbar V, saying: “But why?,” and “Lmao girl i know they got projects in Atlanta.” Akbar V has fired back at some of the Twitter users, and wrote in another tweet on Tuesday (November 2), “Don’t nobody say anything to me.” One of her supporters agreed: “Like honestly (100 emoji) why they mad you Wanna see what it’s like out here!” See more responses here:

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