This Chicago Restaurant Serves The Best Casserole In Illinois

Traditional Green Bean Casserole

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One of the best comfort foods around is a good casserole (especially around the holiday season), and the possibilities are endless.

Eat This, Not That! knows that, and that’s why the ultimate food content hub mapped out the best casserole dishes across the U.S. It notes, in part:

“…Over time casseroles evolved, with the 1950s being an especially popular era for casseroles as lightweight cookware popped up on the market.
“The ever-versatile casserole, which is embraced by all food groups and many cultures, proves it is not just a one-trick dish that appears only during the holidays. This list encompasses every kind of casserole you could possibly imagine (and some you never have) from every corner of the globe.”

So, which casserole stands out the most in Illinois? Eat This, Not That! points to Nellie’s, located in Chicago. Here’s why it stands out:

Nellie's Puerto Rican breakfast casserole gives all the other casseroles a run for their money. Known as Pastelón de Huevo, it is made with sweet plantains, ground beef, egg, and cheese—there is truly nothing else like it. One Yelp reviewer enjoyed it so much that they wrote, ‘There's this egg/ground beef/cheese/plantain casserole that is simply divine. It's basically Puerto Rican lasagna and it rules. Long story short, can't wait to come back to this place week after week.’ Go ahead, try it yourself!”

See the rest of the best casseroles from Eat This, Not That! here.

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