Chicago Music Venue Is The Most Iconic In Illinois

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Live music offers a listening experience unlike any other. It’s a more personal (and fun) way for concert goers to connect with their favorite artists, and belt the words to their favorite songs with tons of other fans.

It should come as no surprise that every state has its music venues that serve as staples to their communities — and Stacker highlighted an iconic rock venue from each one, thanks to travel sites and other databases. Here’s what the data journalism hub said of its outcome:

“These concert venues included renovated theaters, many of which were once movie palaces that fell into disrepair and came back to life, like a phoenix rising from the ashes to be reborn as the next great rock venue. Others had past lives as old churches or historic mansions. They are in major cities, in remote areas, blasted from rock, and nestled among evergreens. These places range in size from small and intimate to massive and awe-inspiring. The one commonality they share is that they provide a place where audiences can share a common experience to come together and simply enjoy the music, no matter the venue.”

So, which one stands out in Illinois? Stacker points to Chicago Theatre. Here’s why it’s iconic, according to Stacker:

“The ornate French Baroque style can be seen in the Chicago Theatre, which opened its doors on October 26, 1921, and became the prototype for the American movie theaters that cropped up in the early days of film. The venue has hosted music artists Prince, the Allman Brothers Band, and Van Morrison. When the theater fell into disrepair and demolition seemed imminent, Chicago Theatre Restoration Associates and the City of Chicago saved it. Frank Sinatra performed in the newly renovated space in 1986.”

See the rest of the iconic rock venues here.

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