Illinois Is Home To One Of The Best Yoga Experiences In The U.S.

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Illinois is home to one of the best yoga experiences in the U.S.

That’s according to Sunday Citizen, which shared the highest-rated yoga experiences on TripAdvisor, ranking five-star activities from the site by total number of reviews and including a class type “for every type of yogi.” Sunday Citizen notes that there are tons of different types of yoga with many health and wellness benefits:

“…including improving strength, balance, and flexibility. A Johns Hopkins review of several studies has shown that Gentle yoga can help people struggling with arthritis by reducing swelling in joints and easing discomfort. Yoga also aids in stress and blood pressure reduction while helping with weight loss and maintenance. The ancient practice is also great for overall mental help and promotes increased relaxation and improved mood.”

So, which Illinois yoga experience is among the best in the U.S.? Sunday Citizen highlights SaltTreeYoga, located in Ottawa, ranking at No. 7. Here’s why it stands out:

“SaltTreeYoga is known for the salt cave, which according to the website, ‘features a Halomed salt generator that infuses microfine particles of pharmaceutical-grade salt into the air.’ It also offers Functional Movement yoga, Moderate yoga, and Forever Young yoga. The Himalayan salt cave can be used before or after classes to enhance the relaxation and wellness benefits of yoga. It is also possible to register for yoga and movement workshops.”

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