People In Illinois Say This Is The Most Popular Cake Flavor

Close-Up Of Chocolate Cake Against Blue Background

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There’s always an occasion for cake, and with the holidays around the corner, there might be a good chance of a slice landing on your dessert table.

With no shortage of options, it might be difficult to choose which kind of cake to dig into. That’s why Eat This, Not That! examined findings from jewelry company Shane Co., which sought the most popular cakes in every state. The ultimate food content hub states:

“They analyzed Google search trends over 12 months to see which popular cake flavors people have been looking to make or buy… and discovered 21 different types! But, one particular cake flavor takes the crown as a favorite in 10 states. (Here's a hint: Your kids will be happy with this choice.)”

So, which one is the best, according to people in Illinois? Ice Cream Cake. Eat This, Not That! says: “Ice cream cake pops up again in Illinois,” as well as Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. Another popular flavor was Strawberry Cake, which was No. 1 in Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Tennessee. Others stood out from the rest (Ohio, for example, selected White Cake as the best flavor).

See the rest of the most popular cakes here.

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