This Is The Gift Most People In Illinois Want This Holiday Season

Happy sisters opening Christmas presents at home

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The holiday season is upon us! That means that many people are hustling and bustling through stores and scouring for the best deals online.

But how do you know whether you’re buying the right gifts?

Luckily, AT&T Experts have your back. They “set out to find what people across America are searching for this holiday season. While Baby Yoda and weighted blankets were hits in 2020, this year, Americans have moved toward tech gifts.” In fact, the PlayStation 5 was the No. 1 searched gift in most states, followed by a TV. Here’s how AT&T Experts figured it out:

“We looked at Ahrefs keywords based on the domain, traffic, and volume. Then we ranked the keywords based on the estimated monthly organic search traffic of the website’s ranking page from a given keyword. From there, we took the top 10 keywords and used Google Shopping to break them down by state popularity over a 90-day period.”

So, which gift is the most-searched one in Illinois? The study found that a TV was the highest-searched item. Other states with a TV on their wish list include Michigan, Rhode Island, Utah, Alaska and others.

See the full report here.

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