Here's Why You Might Have Noticed A Weird Smell Lingering In Chicago

Caucasian man is pinching nose with fingers and looking with disgust because of bad smell isolated on white background

Photo: Getty Images

If it smells a little different in Chicago today, you’re not wrong — and the National Weather Service can explain why.

The National Weather Service Chicago noted in the early morning hours Thursday (December 16) that it’s been “a wild 24 hours,” and “typical December weather” is on the way. That means temperatures spanning the 20s and 30s, and a possible “wintry mix” expected on Friday night (December 17). Experts also warned of a possible smoke smell, but assured Illinoisans that they were safe:

“Any early risers out there may smell smoke. Have no fear - there are no fires nearby. The smoke is actually from Kansas, traveling some 600 miles overnight with the strong southwest winds.”

Minutes after sending that initial tweet early Thursday morning, the National Weather Service Chicago responded to a Twitter user, explaining: “There are some big fires out there [in Kansas]… Winds gusted 80 to 100 mph yesterday afternoon rapidly spread brush fires. Many of the fires continue at this hour.”

Aside from the possible smell of smoke, the National Weather Service Chicago notified area residents Thursday:

“Winds will remain breezy for much of today, primarily through this morning. Though not as strong as they were last night, these winds are still capable of displacing objects outdoors and making driving a bit more difficult, especially on interstates and open roads… The second major weather system to impact the central U.S. in the past week produced widespread damaging winds on Wednesday [December 15]. Some of this was due to organized thunderstorms while much of it was not.”

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