Man Spots Bigfoot In Illinois

Bigfoot Silhouette In Northern United States Forest

Photo: Getty Images

Is Bigfoot roaming Illinois?

There might not be a definitive answer, but one man seems to think so. The potential sighting happened in Chandlerville, a small Cass County village that’s home to only a few hundred people, according to Census data. The man, who lives near Peoria, reportedly described a creature that differs from the famous image that would come to mind for many. Instead, this “Bigfoot” was faster than many people tend to imagine. The man, 59, told the Chicago Tribune: “It jumped into the darkness and I was kind of freaked out about it. I said to myself out loud, ‘(Expletive) Bigfoot!’” The Chicago Tribune also notes that Sasquatches — among other legendary observations, such as UFO sightings — have particularly been in the spotlight lately, including with a conference and a proposed festival.

Still, others aren’t as certain of Bigfoot sightings as others. Paul Garber is an anthropologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He told the Tribune that although he believes the man saw something, “I just think the visual evidence alone is what we have. The other kind of physical evidence that would be consistent with ape behavior is what we tend not to have.”

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