People In Illinois Can't Resist The Drama Of This Reality Show...

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The new season of Love Is Blind just started to release on Netflix, guaranteeing a new round of romance and drama as singles search for love. It’s all hosted by celeb power couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, who seek to answer the question: Is love truly blind?

Love Is Blind is one of tons of reality shows that viewers can’t help but watch. It’s nearly impossible to resist the storylines — and the tea — when streaming The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Too Hot To Handle, Glow Up: The Next Make-Up Star and countless other shows. That’s why USDISH sought to figure out the most popular shows nationwide, spotlighting the most-searched reality series in every state. Here’s how they did it:

“To identify each state’s most searched Netflix reality show, we grabbed a list of all Netflix-produced reality shows and analyzed the volume search of each on SEMRush. We then separated the 10 titles with the most search volume and used Google Trends to determine which titles each state has been googling the most.”

Among the interesting findings, USDISH found that viewers love cooking competitions, and Too Hot To Handle was the only show to reach double-digit numbers nationwide (season 3 is coming early this year).

So, which reality show is the most popular one in Illinois? USDISH found that Floor is Lava is the best. See the full report here.

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