Doja Cat Says She's Quitting Music: "Music is Dead"

Looks like Doja Cat is done with music (again).

After a cancelled performance in Paraguay because of a storm, fans waited in the rain, hoping to meet Doja. When she didn't show, fans took their frustration online. In since-deleted tweets, the pop artist decided to respond to a few people.

In response to the claims, Doja wrote: "This s*** ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care."

The deleted posts include: "There was a storm in Paraguay, the show got canceled. When I left the next morning, there wasn’t one person outside the hotel waiting for me. Let that sink in ...I regret spending all the time I did getting ready that day for the show I’ve been busting my a** every day to put on for you but god bless. (sic)"

Responding to fans in another removed post, Doja said "music is dead" and asked to be unfollowed.

She fumed: “It’s gone and I don’t give a f*** anymore.

“I f***** quit, I can’t wait to f***** disappear and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a f***** fool for ever thinking I was made for this is a f***** nightmare. Unfollow me.”

She later added: "I don’t think I gave Brazil a good enough show tonight at all and I’m sorry for that but thank you guys for coming out I f****** love you and thank god we got another show tomorrow I promise I’ll do better. (sic)"

Do you think she's really done this time? Let's hope not.

In the meantime, you can hear plenty of Doja right now during my show! Just click the link below:

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