Twitter Is Set to Test Out 'Edit Tweet' Option


Photo: AFP

Since Twitter's creation, many users have wanted the infamous "edit tweet" option.

It always seemed questionable, because there are pros and cons of editing a tweet. On the pro side, you can quickly correct a typo if you may have been typing too fast. As far as cons go, editing a tweet can completely change the intent of the original.

With the increase of online "trolls" and bots, Twitter could quickly become the joke of social media apps.

After it emerged that Elon Musk had bought a 9.2 percent stake in the company, the Tesla CEO’s first significant tweet was to poll his followers on whether Twitter should add an edit button. 73.4 percent were in favor.

The company already has an undo feature that lets you recall a tweet before you send it, though it’s only available for "Twitter Blue" subscribers.

Are you willing to pay for Twitter to be able to edit your tweets?

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