ABC's new hit series Abbott Elementary Just Made History


Photo: AFP

Since the start of the new series, it became popular very quickly, as it was a trending topic on Twitter every week whenever a new episode dropped. The show's hilarious take on what both teachers and students alike go through at a low-budget elementary school stole the hearts of many.

Quinta Brunson, the show's creator (and also stars in), was well known from her infamous Vine video "a large?! He got moneyyyy!" When the news broke that she was the one that pitched the show, everyone, including myself was hit with that nostalgia and couldn't wait to tune in.

The ABC series has earned a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, becoming one of the highest-rated television shows on the critic website.

"Abbott Elementary earns top marks for its empathetic yet sidesplitting critique of the U.S. education system, plus some extra credit for a deftly handled will-they-won't-they dynamic," Rotten Tomatoes said about the series.

Keep making history! We love to see it. Abbott Elementary has been renewed for a second season.

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