KeKe Palmer on Privacy Invasion: 'No Means No'

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A tale as old as time. Some fans just don't know how to respect one's privacy, and Emmy award-winning actress KeKe Palmer recently took her frustrations to social media after a bad experience with one of them.

In her first tweet, Palmer said, "No means no, even when it doesn't pertain to sex. I was at the bar the other day and this girl asked me three times for a picture and I told her three times nicely that I did not want [to] take one with her."

"If I went off on her I would've been wrong, so I just nervously laughed while my privacy was invaded upon...boundaries can sometimes be so difficult but when you people please or always try to avoid conflict, you let yourself down every time…"

She then finished with, "If you ever want a picture with me and I say no, let's just let that rock,"

Good for her for speaking up for herself. Privacy invasion, no matter your status, is uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Read more on how KeKe felt here:

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