Stranger Things Season 4 Just Broke A Record

"Stranger Things" Season 3 New York Screening

Photo: Getty Images North America

Talk about iconic.

As most of us know, Stranger Things season 4 (part one) released last weekend. It quickly rose to the #1 spot in the Netflix Top Ten, and it's still there! Something tells me it'll be holding that spot for a while.

Why? It just broke a new record for Netflix!

According to Collider, Stranger Things racked up 286.79 million hours of screen time globally from its release on Friday to Sunday. The streaming giant's assessment shows that it performed close to 50% better than the previous record holder season two of Bridgerton. In March, Bridgerton fans tuned into the opening weekend of season two, racking up over 193 million hours of viewership.

Well deserved! Part one revealed the beginning of the end, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Part 2 is out on July 1st!

Check out more from the cast below:

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