What's Really Going On with 'So You Think You Can Dance'?

FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance" - Season Thirteen

Photo: FOX Image Collection

It all started last week when new judge Matthew Morrison left the show for "breaking production protocols".

After this circulated the internet, many fans speculated what could have really happened. A source reported to several outlets that Morrison was kicked off because of "flirty text messages" he sent to a contestant.

In a new Instagram video, Morrison says, "it's really unfortunate that I have to sit here and defend myself and my family against blatantly untrue statements made anonymously,"

"But I have nothing to hide. So, in the interest of transparency I will read to you the one message I wrote to a dancer on the show."

According to Morrison, he wrote: "Hey! It's Matthew. If you don't mind, would love to get your number and talk you through some things."

He added, "we live in this world where gossip rules and people's lives are being thrown around as clickbait. I think this is much bigger than me and this story. Gossip is toxic, and it is destroying our society, and we need to do better."

According to Entertainment Weekly, a new judge is expected to be brought in in time for the next part of the competition, beginning June 15, and an announcement about Morrison's successor is expected shortly.

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