Michael Jackson's Nephew Says An MJ Biopic 'Is Going to Happen'

Michael Jackson

Photo: Getty Images North America

The king of pop! The legend!

It's been roughly 13 years since MJ left us. His legacy still lives on, quite strongly I might add. The children of today are still looking him up on all the streaming services and attempting to copy his iconic dance moves. The current and older generations still play his music all. the. time.

I know I do!

According to The Mirror, MJ's nephew TJ Jackson says a movie "is going to happen". He wants it to address all of the allegations made against his uncle.

“...But now that he’s no longer with us, there couldn’t be an easier target. Everyone knows who Michael Jackson is. So it’s an easy story to sell. But I truly believe truth always wins out.”

TJ said that any Jackson 5 film would tackle more than the music. He said: “The importance my family had in Black culture first, Black people, and allowing people of all nationalities to idolize a Black family or Black figures is something I think gets lost.

To become, you know, sex symbols for our huge band and number one in the early 70s as Black kids is an incredible accomplishment. That story needs to be amplified in my opinion. So I think there will be a Jackson story, a biopic."

The real question is, WHO would be able to pull off playing MJ?

While you ponder on that, listen to some of his greatest hits below:

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