Your Ultimate Foodie Guide to Chicago Eats

Friends taking pictures of food on the table with smartphones during brunch in restaurant

Photo: Moment RF

Chicago. Has. So. Much. Food.

Is there even really enough time in the day to truly enjoy all the goodies our city has to offer? You'd probably need a lifetime just to scratch the surface.

We are known for having some of the best food in the entire world, from our famous 'Chicago-style' hot dogs, to the infamous and always imitated Harold's Chicken, to our amazing deep dish pizza.

Where are the best places to go to eat these Chicago staples? If you're new into town or just want to try something new, here's your complete foodie guide to the best Chicago eats.

Now, I'm hungry.

Do us both a favor and try out one of these spots today, and blast your favorite station on your way there:

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