Three Illinois Cities Among The Worst For Bed Bugs

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Sometimes, what's crawling inside of your bed is scarier than the possibility of something existing under it. Bed bugs are a real life nightmare. Orkin put together a list of the cities across the country that have the worst problem with bed bugs, and the results might surprise you.

According to the list, the three Illinois cities that have the most bed bugs in the entire country are Chicago in 1st, Champaign in 11th, and Peoria in 48th. Out of all the cities in America, Chicago has the worst problems with bed bugs.

Here is what Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel had to say about spotting bed bugs in popular locations:

“Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, but are excellent at hiding. Involving a trained professional at the sight of a bed bug introduction is recommended. While it’s important to be aware of bed bug infestations within hotels, practicing precautions in other aspects of travel are also important. Taxis, buses and airplanes are also common bed bug hiding places, allowing these pests an opportunity to hitch a ride with unsuspecting travelers. Examining clothing and luggage regularly while traveling can help to catch a bed bug infestation in the early stages."

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