Illinois Eatery Named Among 50 'Most Beautiful Restaurants' In America

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Why dine at a normal restaurant when you can enjoy delicious cuisine at the most beautiful restaurant in Illinois?

There are a handful of restaurants scattered throughout the country that could potentially serve us our next meal. In a nation full of notable options, how is one to choose? If you're looking for ambiance, timeless decor, and views to pair with scrumptious food, look no further than the most beautiful restaurant in the entire state!

While there are a handful of remarkable restaurants located across Illinois, only one is known for being the most beautiful around and was just named among the 50 most beautiful in America. If you've been relentlessly searching for a special, spectacular place to dine with family and friends or to impress a date, this standout spot is certainly the place for you!

According to a list compiled by People, the most beautiful restaurant in all of Illinois is Tre Dita located in Chicago.

Here's what People had to say about the most beautiful restaurant in the entire state:

"Tre Dita’s swanky dining room gazes upon Lake Michigan and the Chicago River through dramatic 40-foot windows."

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